The Wind in the Willows brings enchantment, adorable characters in mysterious settings and a sprinkling of snow for a delightful Christmas play at the New Vic.

Imaginations are allowed to run wild, in the wild, as first the audience is introduced to Mole, played by the charming Alicia McKenzie, who decides to ditch her spring cleaning and head off for an adventure.

An impressive stage setting sees Mole leave her underground home and elevate above ground where she soon meets new friends. Friendly Otter’s creatively appear from underneath the stage and invite Mole to test the water – which she comically does – before relationships build with Mr Toad (Rob Witcomb.)

Image by Andrew Billington

The fascinating Toad Hall, with its many amusing and magical artefacts, acts as a safe house away from the bigger, more larger creatures who are seeking a feast, before troubles cascade for Mole’s new host.

With a desire to ride in a fast car, Mr Toad soon runs into disaster and ends up in front of the judge in court – a scene in itself which is hilarious. Mr Toad is sent to jail leaving Mole and friends to fend off the nasty Fox, Weasel and company.

A jail breakout sees Mr Toad dressed in fine women’s clothing and an amusing train ride adds to the humour.

Image by Andrew Billington

The gracious Mr Toad arrives back at Toad Hall to help his fellow friends of the wild and a feel good ending wraps up what is a delightful adaptation of a timeless classic tale.

A fabulous story, superb stage setting and fantastic cast – who between them also perform live music – makes Wind in the Willows a must see at the New Vic.

(Mention must also be made to Mathew Burns who is more than convincing in playing the jailer, horse and weasel.)

The question is, is there room for a festive Baboon called Baba to join the creatures of Wind and the Willows?

Have a #BabaTastic Christmas everyone!

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