• Why BabaBaboon?

    Find out what makes BabaBaboon unique and why we’re worth your attention

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Why Baba Baboon?

Find ouT what makes BabaBaboon unique and why we’re worth your attention

Sonya Farrall:
Creative Director, Editor, PR & Media Services, Promotions


Founded by Sonya, who has a proven background in the Media & PR.

BabaBaboon helps to promote local businesses & organisations with a variety of PR services.

We also have dedicated Positive News pages showcasing our local communities via – BabaBaboon.co.uk – the go-to place for people to find out what’s going on –  a platform for communities to share and a tool for businesses to not only reach out to their target audience, but also to connect with those hard to reach audiences.

BabaBaboon acts as a guide to show what is great

all in one place

Our featured content is a great way to showcase a business, organisation or event – we have a dedicated team of experienced journalists and PR experts to create eye-catching content for your brand.

Various paid for content marketing packages can be tailored to suit & we offer various promotional packages.

Our content packages can include featuring as a Guest Blogger – helping to showcase your expertise, your business & your organisation – as well as other creations.

Baba’s Business Promotion is dedicated to Positive Local Business News where you will find updates & announcements.

We also have Baba’s Newsletter which is another great way in helping to share your news!

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