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    Explore the PR services BabaBaboon has to offer

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Explore the PR services BabaBaboon has to offer

Baba Baboon helps you to identify key messages to help you to connect with your audience in various ways.

If you require media assistance we can help with your interview techniques & facilitate with tailored Q&A sessions at your events!

Public Relations
Stories are influential, positive stories are inspiring and with our creative flair we will showcase your all important messages in content which will attract attention your desire! We work with you to define a communications strategy to create the perfect PR process for you and help to identify suitable media for your brand. Our approach takes us outside of the box and outside of the norm –  enabling your brand to stand out!
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Questions & Answers

Hosting an event and looking to do things a little different this time? Why not let us join you on the day for a fully briefed Q&A session with your senior staff member and/or Event Host in order to showcase everything your organisation has to offer. Split the event with a factual & informative Q&A session – all briefed and co-ordinated by us. A sweet alternative to long speeches on the day with a positive impact!

Media Management

Are you hosting an event & inviting media? OR Are you inviting a videographer to come and film your event?

We can assist with media calls, plus assisting with interviews to ensure the right message is delivered to your customers/clients.

Creative Content

From Blogs to News stories – we work with you to showcase your news, your staff members and your brand whether for your website or for your social media profiles.

Why Wait?

Whether you are a start up business looking to implement your first PR strategy, a larger organisation looking for PR & Communications support, or even a charity looking for PR assistance –we have packages to suit all.

Helping you to be content rich all in one place!

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