Three Counties Open Art Exhibition – Burslem School of Art

Bandages, feathers, wood, watercolours, ink, acrylic and oils are some of the materials used by artists to create their work for this popular show....

The Big Feast ’18 in Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent’s premier arts festival, The Big Feast ’18, returns to the streets of the City Centre from Friday 24 – Saturday 25 August, for...

Queens of the Coal Age at the New Vic

The New Vic Theatre will continue its tradition of putting the voices of the coal mining community centre-stage in its production of Maxine Peake’s...

A Leopard With No Spots To Change

Fire-eating Landlady Sharon Crisp
The Leopard Inn - once a public house and hotel - reported to not only be haunted but to have also been the meeting place of some influential historical figures. Stories within the walls cascade centuries igniting intrigue and excitement upon those who grace...

Home-made hidden gems to be had at The Glost House

The Glost House
It’s a busy weekday, you are dashing from one appointment to the next, the coffee cravings are rife and the hunger pangs in your stomach are starting to make more noise than a JCB digger at the side of the road. Not only that...

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