Following your dreams can have it’s ups and downs. Leaving your home town to go in search of that career you’ve only before imagined, or that husband, or wife, you have only dreamt about is a big decision. In Thoroughly Modern Millie – at The Regent theatre until Saturday May 26 – Hayley Tamaddon explores the experiences presented through such life changes with finesse in her lead role.

It’s the 1920s and the naive, innocent Millie, (Hayley Tamaddon) waves goodbye to Kansas and heads for the bright lights and the big city of New York to find the wealthy businessman she desires to call her husband.

As with most adventures into the unknown things don’t go smoothly and Millie soon finds herself penniless living in the run down Hotel Priscilla. It’s not all as it seems at the hotel with the sneaky Mrs Meers (Lucas Rush) up to no good. While the audience is privy to the criminal underworld Mrs Meers is involved in, Millie’s new room mate – Miss Dorothy Brown – is oblivious and finds herself in trouble.

Millie eventually lands a job as a stenographer where she is not just able to utilise her shorthand typing skills but also tries her hardest to lure the attentions of boss Mr Trevor Graydon (Richard Meek).

Millie’s hilarious efforts go unnoticed by her boss, who has eyes for Miss Dorothy Brown, and instead it’s the eye of Jimmy Smith (Michael Colbourne) which has been turned.

At work Millie has dealings with the fabulous Miss Flannery – played superbly by Natalie Spriggs and a true ensemble.

Between work and play Millie experiences illegal drinking and lavish parties along with a sensational window sill dance scene with the charming Jimmy which wins his sweetheart over.

Tamaddon’s stellar performance is mirrored by the rest of the cast including all of the ensemble. Lucas Rush has Mrs Meers down to perfection and Nicola Blackman delivers superb vocals as Muzzy Van Hossmere.

Richard Meek is a true genius in his delivery of Mr Trevor Graydon when a drunken scene lifts the roof.

Thoroughly Modern Millie is right up there as one of the most enjoyable and comical musicals today – definitely worth seeing!

Thoroughly Modern Millie is on until Saturday May 26. Tickets are on sale now and are available from the Regent Theatre Box Office counter, by calling 0844 871 7649 or visiting



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