War Horse is without doubt a show which will pull on your heart strings and leave you mesmerised by the spectacular production delivered at The Regent.

As soon as the show starts a combination of special affects, compelling songs and clearly crafted puppets set the scenes of a community bracing themselves for an upcoming war.

As the story begins Albert (Scott Miller) and his beloved horse Joey are living on a Devon countryside farm – learning and growing up together.

But at the outbreak of World War I, the pair are forcibly parted. Joey is taught how to defend himself which sees a powerful scene between him and another fascinating puppet perform a tense, but brief battle on the stage.

Joey grows before the audiences’ eyes and is then sold off to the cavalry to become the war horse he was destined to be.

In France Joey is caught up in enemy fire and goes on another journey whilst Albert struggles to cope with everyday life without his beloved friend.

Joey makes a new friend in black stallion, Topthorn who again makes you look twice as you remember these life style horses are being driven by genius puppeteers.

Galloping, charging and breathing creations by the Handstring Puppet Company are brought to life on stage in amazing style.

As Albert’s mission to bring Joey home continues it’s evident the audience is gripped by the tensions and experiences portrayed on stage.

Tissues are at the ready throughout as emotions run high and a standing ovation at the end of the show is more than proof of the audiences appreciation for a show truly well done.

Overall, nothing can be taken away from a production which ticks all of the boxes.

War Horse is at The Regent until Saturday 6th April. For tickets go to www.agttickets.com

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