Gandeys Circus is back in Newcastle-under-Lyme with an all-new awe-inspiring show!

Acts from all across the globe are chosen to perform at Gandeys Circus and they duly deliver in an epic 80 minute show.

Upon entering the large big top on the Ryecroft site you are greeted by friendly staff and the smell of popcorn before being shown to your seats.

Spectacular strobe lighting and up beat music helps “Laser Girl” to open the show before cheeky favourite Chico Rico joins clown friend Andreea, and before long the duo are off on a tour around the world.

Chico and Andreea. Image (and main image) Andrew Payne.

Balancing acts make the crowds gasp before the remarkable and breathtaking, swinging trapeze – Camila, who makes her UK debut on this tour, performs an outstanding act when swinging through the clouds.

Brilliant Indian Gymnasts perform an ancient skill of Mallakhamba, as they flawlessly tumble up and down a wooden pole and a jaw-dropping roller skating duo perform hand to hand skills, spinning and turning before finishing their act with a neck-spin.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you gripped to your seat the daredevil dome is brought to the centre of the big top where five motorbike riders weave in and out of each other at a considerable speed as the crowds hold their breath.

Cheeky clowns – Chico and Andreea – enjoy meddling and invite audience participation, creating uproar. There is also plenty of singing and dancing along the way with dazzling costumes on display, in an all-round up-beat, energetic show.

Gandeys Circus is one for all of the family and full credit must go to each and everyone involved.

4* from Baba.

Gandeys Circus is in Newcastle-under-Lyme until 22 March.

Camila Flying Trapese. Image Andrew Payne.


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