YOU may have thought about joining a gym, you may have even thought about changing your diet or even already tried several options in a personal mission to feel fitter and healthier.

But have you ever considered working with a fitness instructor who will not only visit your home or place of work to help you achieve your goals, but will also educate you about food, how it works and what it does to your body…

Darren Winterburn, Managing Director of Train Learn Go DW Limited, does all of that and more – working with people of all ages and abilities at all times throughout Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and surrounding areas.

Why? Because not only does Darren live and breathe what he teaches, but he also has ample experience in the health and fitness industry which enables him to achieve success with who ever he works with.

“I was in the army some years back and I was a personal trainer then and I have also worked in various gyms throughout my career but nothing has ever felt as right as Train Learn Go, says Darren. “I kind of fell into Train Learn Go and it was definitely fate. I believe in everything we do and I practise what I preach every day without a doubt.”

Darren Winterburn training with a client at home.

Darren overseas Train Learn Go Stoke which sees personal trainers visiting clients at home or work to provide information on body fat reduction, functional training and sports conditioning. All trainers are nationally certified and also provide extensive guidance on nutrition.

“We work with all our clients to provide them with the best programmes, not just the physical aspect, but also nutritional information. All of what we do helps to provide positive results over a sustainable period of time and helps to make a positive lifestyle change,” said Darren.

“Not everyone can get to a gym, or may have tried it in the past and didn’t like it. Some people may feel anxious about going, but we can come to their homes instead.”

Train Learn Go’s ethos to dispel dieting myths, improve lifestyle and over all health is further boosted by a commitment to improving wellbeing.

“We help to educate people on the affects of nutrition and how certain foods help towards reducing anxiety and depression,” Darren adds. “We have worked with a number of clients who have been on anti-depressants and following our programme they have seen the positive results. We don’t just provide people with a diet to lose weight – we offer a life-changing option and we have seen the results. No, we don’t profess to be doctors, but we have extensive knowledge in what we teach about nutrition and exercise and we see the results. We help people to improve their lifestyle.”

Train-Learn-Go-exercise-example-outsideFollowing a free Train Learn Go consultation clients are provided with the necessary information to begin a tailored programme. Personal trainers will then arrange suitable dates and times to visit homes and places of work where 45 minute fitness workouts take place.

“We have all the necessary equipment to hold the workouts at a clients home or place of work,” Darren says. “A workout will last around 45 minutes and we don’t need much room to do the exercises, that’s why we can visit people at home or at work. If you went to a gym you would probably be looking at two hours or more for a workout – our workouts are less time and successful. People will sweat and ache after our workouts but they are enjoyable.”

For more information and contact details for Train Learn Go Stoke please click here.

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