Floatation pod at time to float

It’s Time To Float

Have you ever felt the need to completely switch off from the outside world, collect your thoughts, ease the stresses from your mind and simply reconnect with you own well being? If the answer...

GPUK 34th Night of the Gladiators

Gladiators once again took to the cage for Gladiator Promotions (GPUK) 34th Mixed Martial Arts event. Fighters travelled from all over the UK to compete with six fights fought under Amateur B Class Rules,...
T6 Fight Club

Boxing For Brilliance

Exercise and discipline often come hand in hand and can help towards changing a persons life in more ways than one. At T6 Fight Club, in Burslem that is exactly what staff aim to...
Fighter Ross Pointon

Gladiator’s Unite At Premier MMA Gym

Travelling the world competing on some of the biggest stages and fighting for titles only to be dreamed about is an achievement Ross “The Gladiator” Pointon often pinches himself about. The idea of opening...
Lizzie Lea Lifestyle Fitness

Fitness for life with Lizzie

Have you ever thought about getting fit? Have you thought about getting them brand new trainers on you brought last month to go running in? But then those thoughts you had quickly disappear as fast...

GPUK Night of the Gladiators

A Gladiator can be defined as someone who engages in a fight or controversy, to fight in a public arena for the entertainment of spectators. In Stoke-on-Trent there is another form of Gladiator, which...

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