Aysha Mahmood, has recently studied media and marketing at Keele University. Aysha has been taking part in work experience here with BabaBaboon and explored the world of food which took her around the world.

Here Aysha shares her own food recipes and ideas – exclusively – for BabaBaboon’s readers…

Aysha says: “My work experience has has helped me enjoy creative writing again, a hobby that really opened up my imagination when I was a child so I hope as you read and create these dishes for yourself you can experience the wonders of the ratatouille, cheesy naan bread, poulet au coco and aloo chaat….”

Aysha’s third Blog is all about Cheesy naan bread…

Cheesy naan bread… but made from scratch- right in your kitchen. What more can you ask for, as it can complement many dishes well such as a good curry or it can be used as a base for a pizza…be creative as this recipe offers more than just a crispy warm naan, it also has melted cheese in the middle. This recipe is flavourful, fluffy and worth the wait. Recipe is created by Laetitia Bonnard.

“I was sceptical making this dish as I have had many naan and bread disasters previously, but surprisingly I made my mum proud with the outcome of this dish…the naan had many different textures consisting of crispiness and fluffiness, but with the addition of the melted cheese – I used laughing cow cheese portions – once you had bitten into it, the bread was bursting with flavour.  Adding the laughing cow cheese was a concept that I never really knew I needed in my life until I had tried it…I cannot imagine naan without it now. I had paired this with a creamy but flavoursome butter chicken dish which complemented the naan very well as the thick, crispy and warm naan picked up the curry so well as opposed to a crunchy naan that shatters when you fold it, that is what I would consider a disaster.

Cheesy Naan Bread Recipe

Cooking time: 2hrs 30mins Serves: up to 6 people


500g plain flour

20 cl room temperature water 

120g greek yoghurt 

4 tbsp vegetable oil 

1 sachet/1 tsp baking powder

8g bakers yeast 

1tsp salt 

1tsp sugar 

12 portions soft cheese 

Tbsp butter (optional)


Step 1: 

In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients which consists of the yeast, plain flour, baking powder, salt and sugar together.

Step 2: 

Create a hole in the middle of the dry ingredients to put the liquid ingredients inside, which consists of the water, greek yoghurt and vegetable oil.

Step 3:

Knead the mixture for 15 minutes until it becomes a dough.

Step 4:

Leave the dough in the bowl with a tea towel covering the top for 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours at room temperature.

Step 5: 

Make 6 balls out of the dough.

Step 6: 

Roll out each dough ball lightly into a thick but round shape on a floured surface. 

Step 7: 

In each rolled out dough ball place 2 soft cheese portions into the centre of the dough and create a dumpling-like shape.

Step 8:

Roll out the dough fully.

Step 9:

Place the naan bread on a non-stick pan, with no oil, for 4 minutes on each side till golden brown.

Step 10:

Melt the butter in the microwave and brush over the naan bread.

It is now ready to be served!

Thank you for reading my blog on BabaBaboon – Aysha (Main image by Ayhsa).

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