Trentham Monkey Forest is excited to announce the arrival of nine beautiful baby Barbary macaques.

Visitors are encouraged to come see the babies in all their glory and observe the bundles of joy explore their new world. 

The team at the forest were thrilled to have welcomed the baby monkeys into the world – especially as the species are today highly endangered – therefore, every birth is crucial for the species and is a fantastic addition to Monkey Forest.

Just like the wild, births occur high up in the trees at night, there is no interference from the team during the pregnancy or birth. Births are only confirmed when staff spot a tiny new bundle clinging to its mother the following morning.

Park Director Matt Lovatt said: “Each birth that we have here is special. The babies are very popular, both with our customers and amongst the monkeys too. The males help care for the babies, despite paternity not being known. It’s a fascinating trait as they use the babies to help form bonds”.

The forest work closely with organisations that help protect the wild Barbary macaques in Morocco and Algeria. Monkey Forest also try to educate visitors about this endangered species.

The forest will be documenting the babies first few weeks across their social media channels.

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