A series of webinars are being held by Staffordshire University to help with decisions on applying for university courses.

‘Is Clearing For Me?’ and ‘Clearing Advice for Career Changers’ are two of the webinars being hosted by Staffordshire University to help people who are considering starting university this September.

Running daily from Monday 5 July, the Staffordshire University Clearing Webinar Series also includes an event for families and partners of those who will be starting University, and a session for students who may be struggling to cope with the stresses of waiting for results and the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The webinars are a new addition to Clearing operations at Staffordshire University which opens on Monday 5 July – allowing anyone who hasn’t secured a place at University the opportunity to apply.

Jamie Wells, Staffordshire University Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions, said: “We want to let prospective students know that we see their potential and that we can help to empower them to take the next steps towards a better future. The last two years haven’t been easy for anyone, particularly young adults who’ve had an important time in their lives put on hold due to the pandemic. But their resilience and determination to succeed are key qualities that we want to celebrate.

“We recognise what they’re capable of achieving and can help them to reach their potential by connecting them with a degree that will help them to grow into the person they want to become; someone who makes a real difference in the world.

“We know that many people, young and older, are unsure about what Clearing is, how the process works and how it can help to open up future opportunities – whether they’ve only just decided to go to university, have changed their mind about what or where they want to study, or are looking to upskill to put themselves onto an exciting new career path.”

As well as providing top tips about Clearing, the webinars provide a real insight into how Staffordshire University students are supported throughout their student journey, from application through to graduation.”

The University is also encouraging prospective students to find out more about its courses and facilities by booking on to its next Open Day which takes place at the main Stoke-on-Trent campus on Saturday 14 August from 9.30am – 3.30pm. 

Jamie added: “This is an opportunity for students and their families to come onto campus, possibly for the first time, to visit our specialist facilities and accommodation and talk in-person to lecturers and staff about their study options.

“Alternatively, for those who prefer to get their information online, our dedicated website features an offer generator which will allow them to choose their course and enter their grades to receive an instant decision on whether they can get a place through Clearing.”

Visit www.staffs.ac.uk/clearing to view all courses in Clearing.
Talk to experts by calling Clearing Hotline on 0800 590 830
Book on to our on campus open day taking place on Saturday 14 August from 9.30am – 3.30pm
Message us on social media – find us by searching @staffsuni

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