Creepy tales, chilling darkness, bumps in the night and descending fog are all the right ingredients for a good horror story – and that’s exactly what you can expect when going to watch The Woman in Black.

There’s an eeriness surrounding the auditorium at The Regent from the moment the show starts. As Arthur Kipps draws in a young actor to help him share a terrifying and gripping story the anticipation from the audience is rife.

Conversations between the two characters build up from innocent chat to spine tingling fear as loud noises and creaking sounds echo the room.

The audience can only but gasp and jump in their seats as the story unfolds and Arthur’s memories are brought into reality.

A haunting funeral scene stays with you throughout with loud shrieking adding to the mix of a mysterious ghostly figure who appears to be haunting the house where the two characters have dared to visit.

Arthur continues to delve deeper into his memories with the help of his companion which brings about more sightings of a Woman in Black.

Robert Goodale (L) Antony Eden (R) in the Tour of The Woman In Black.

The set is small but not under estimated as the likes of a creaking rocking chair, a dark shadow floating on the floor and a locked door all encourage the imagination to question what’s real and what isn’t.

Robert Goodale as Arthur, and Antony Eden as The Actor, are both equally convincing and the fear shared is contagious.

There were some laughs throughout, but The Woman in Black is definitely not one for the feint hearted as the intensity of live theatre transports those who dare to stay until the end, into a ghostly world.

**4 Stars**

The Woman in Black is at The Regent until Saturday 2 October. For tickets visit

(Images Tristram Kenton)

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