Stoke-on-Trent singing sensation Dan Hewitt has performed to millions, he’s stood on some of the big stages and shown off his vocal talents on many occasion. At age 16 Dan had a record deal and in 2008 he appeared on prime time TV performing on the popular Paul O Grady show – a feat which came about after winning the first ever Jonathan Wilkes’ Stoke’s Got Talent competition.

Over the years Dan has also exceeded in talent competitions throughout the UK, appeared in professional pantomimes, has been involved as a director and writer of several amateur shows and had live performances aired on BBC Radio Stoke and Signal Radio. Dan’s impressive CV has come with it’s successes but also unfortunate knock backs and daily life saw his singing career put on hold for a few years – that is until now.

“I had a record deal at 16 but then sadly my manager died and I have also sang in front of millions of people,” said Dan. “I was lucky enough to sing live on the Paul O Grady show after I won the first Stoke’s Got Talent and it was an incredible experience I will never forget. I then went alone all around the UK entering competitions and trying to get known which I was really successful at doing going on to front a big band here in Stoke. Then I had a family but here I am again at 30 still marching on!”

Now, in 2018 Dan is definitely on the comeback but this time he as his beloved wife Laura as his companion. Laura has also got a packed CV when it comes to the singing ranks but the pair had never considered performing as a duo before until a chance evening out saw them receive encouragement after taking part in a sing along in a local pub and “The Hewitts” were born.

The Hewitts
The Hewitts

“It was really weird how things happened. We went out on a night out around Burslem – on a very rare night out together with having a three-year-old, and we both sang on karaoke,” said Dan. “The landlady asked us to stay there and keep singing and because of our previous achievements we just asked ourselves why aren’t we doing something about this? That was the birth of The Hewitts as a duo.”

The duo dedicated as much time as they could in perfecting their Sinatra swing style and in 2017 they were shortlisted for the ITV talent show The Voice. Laura adds: “We got to the final round of The Voice auditions before the TV rounds, we beat thousands of people to get to that point and it’s only made me want to do it again until we succeed.”

Singing is at the heart of both Dan and Laura, they have both have had a microphone in their hands from young ages and now as a duo, The Hewitts are not to be missed. Their determination is already reaping rewards – who knows where else 2018 will take this talented duo.

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