In his latest Guest Blog for Baba – Adam Gratton discusses the importance of Podcasting & what it means within community & news sharing…


As you are all no doubt aware the world is one busy place, and much of the time you probably don’t even have a moment to read long blog posts such as this…

It can be frustrating to say the least when you see an article or story which interests you either socially or for work, particularly about the place you live, but you don’t have the time right there and then to read it.

Myself, I love nothing more than turning the pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper. The slowdown feeling it provides gives you time to really digest the information in front of you, but now the chance to listen to a favourite podcast can also do the same.

Many of us have hectic schedules of work, home, schools run, shopping…the list goes on. We have less and less time to consume content and the world we live in now is all about consuming our information in a multitude of ways.

Podcast-imageThose of us, like myself, creating such content now needs to be by offering a 360-degree approach to what we put out there. And when it comes to telling stories about the people and places, we live in it is essential for communities to be able to access it in all manner of different ways.

As a journalist and podcaster who has worked with many local communities in Stoke-on-Trent, over the years, I have realised the impact that listening to a story can have and how podcasts can be a useful way for people to keep involved and updated with what is happening in the area and community which they live.

Creating an individual recording, or series of recordings, to tell a story of an individual or group can be a powerful way to raise awareness of issues affecting a community, such as poverty, heritage, art, disability, mental ill health, environment… or highlight the work being done to support that community.

A podcast can also bring attention to new opportunities, encouraging you to become involved in the place and community in which you live, helping to improve lives and become involved in projects and events.

Ultimately, we all have our favourite way to interact with media. In this fast-paced world access to podcasts can be a way not to miss out whether you are on the go or relaxing with a spare half hour and they can be an important aid to those who might need to engage with media in different ways to support their day to day lives in connecting with the world around them.

A podcast can be a way powerful way for you to champion a cause, tell your story and ultimately be a platform to get the voice of your community heard.

Thanks for reading – more coming soon, Adam Adam-Gratton


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