What is BabaBaboon? BabaBaboon is a #BabaTastic promotional hub which aims to promote all that is great within Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire.

Why? Creative Director Sonya aims to not only Inspire Communities but also to Connect Business, and to offer a platform in which everything is in one place – that platform is BabaBaboon.co.uk

How? By offering a media platform in which GOOD News can be shared BabaBaboon also offers FRESH and exciting Business pages as well as Events pages – where anything from a theme night, to a park run, to theatre shows and sports events can be advertised. **Business Offers also have their very own category.**

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As well as our online platform BabaBaboon is also very active on Twitter @BabaBaboon2017, Facebook @BabaBaboon and Instagram @babababoon2017 – where we reach thousands daily. Please head over to our Business Pages here and our What’s ON to find the hidden gems you desire.

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**Please see testimonials below from some of the people/business we have had the pleasure of working with.


**In 2018 BabaBaboon assisted volunteer reward scheme CounterCoin with PR and Communications services – including helping to organise and promote the CounterCoin Challenge Day in Stoke-on-Trent – which saw 7 towns participate in clay coin making workshops on November 21, 2018.** countercoin-logo

Mike Riddell Founder of CounterCoin – “Sonya and BabaBaboon – we identified as the best promoters in the North Staffs area. We did our homework and it was obvious straight away that they know what it needs to get noticed in this day and age. That’s why we are developing a long term commercial partnership with them.” clay-countercoin

Brian Leyland Director of Hometown Plus (founder of CCCL) – “Hats off to Sonya and BabaBaboon – who did a superb job of promoting The CounterCoin Challenge and secured for us exactly the Press and Radio coverage we needed. A first class effort!”  



douglas macmillaDouglas Macmillan Logo

“Sonya and BabaBaboon have been incredibly supportive of the DougieMac hospice. They have featured our events on their website and shared our inspirational stories with their readers. It is great to be associated with such an innovative and creative brand that is seeking to spread ‘good news’. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sonya and wherever possible she has welcomed ideas and supported our donors. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with them”  – Stephanie Bradbury Business Development Fundraiser at the  DougieMac Hospice.


Andrew Van Buren. Credit Clara Lou Photograpy

Andrew Van Buren Director Van Buren Organisation and The Philip Astley Project CIC – In this time of struggling town centres and home entertainment it is so reassuringly important to have Sonya and BabaBaboon shouting out not only what we have in the Newcastle-under-Lyme / Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire area, but also to actually care about what has happened historically, is happening now and what is going to be happening in the future. With both The Philip Astley Project and Van Buren Organisation, Culture, Heritage and Entertainment are foremost, Sonya and the Babababoon team have cared about this – being ‘110%’ supportive, switched on, helping to spread our story, news and events to the area, for that invaluable support I thank them.”

BabaBaboon Creative Director Sonya and Andrew Van Buren. BabaBaboon attends AstleyFest August 2018.

Artist Philip Hardaker – “BabaBaboon is a local media company based in Stoke which specialises in covering cultural activities. They are passionate and committed to covering our community and artistic life. Recently they came to review and write about an exhibition I have in Spode. Their reviews were both informative and highly interesting. Sonya is an unsung hero and ambassador of sharing our Stoke culture with a wider public.” 

Philip Hardaker at Spode Works.

Priya Astbury Clinical Director at Foot Centric“Being featured on BabaBaboon has meant that a lot of people who didn’t know what Podiatry was have been reaching out. Sonya puts a lot of effort into keeping the website current and newsworthy and it’s quickly becoming the first place people go to check out what’s going on in the city.”foot-centric-shop

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