From the moment you enter the theatre auditorium an old school TV screen on the stage quickly takes your mind back to thinking what you were doing years ago, as a teenager or twenty-something. Conversations turn into reminiscent chats about where you were when Prince changed his name by deed poll, or when Take That took the number one spot with Pray back in 1993.

But when the show starts it’s 1992, and although songs from one of the most successful British boy bands are sung by The Boys – a five piece band – this is not a show about Take That.

It’s also soon evident this is not a show about a boy band – this is a show about real life, real experiences and real dreams.

A group of teenage girls, inseparable and innocent, go on a journey which will have you not only laughing, but one which is relative to anyone who has been a fan of a band or group as a youngster.

Faye Christall
Faye Christall as young Rachel with Five To Five as The Band credit Matt Crockett

One scene rolls into the next as the story unfolds with The Boys indirectly weaving their way in and out of the schoolgirls lives. Songs are performed with bright lights and clever props as live concerts are re-enacted.

It’s when the unexpected happens the audience is taken aback as, The Bands’ writer, Tim Firth pulls on the heart strings.

The story then fast forwards 25 years, bringing back the humour, and continuing with the journey of the schoolgirls.

A fabulous re-creation of Take That’s, Progress album sleeve is done almost with perfection by The Boys, who also bring to life still props on stage adding that little something magical.

Tim Firth’s writing is relatable and with a strong attention to detail throughout, it’s impossible to avoid a world transformed on the stage which can so easily be your own.

You may laugh, and you may cry, but without doubt The Band is truly one musical which you must Never Forget!

This show finished at The Regent December, 2017.

LtoR AJ Bentley Curtis T Johns Sario Solomon Nick Carsberg and Yazdan Qafouri in The Band credit Matt Crockett


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