Baba Baboon is all about Community, Business & Charity News in one… Here Creative Director & Founder of Baba Baboon, Sonya Farrall gives an insight into why…

Why the name? What is Baba Baboon? – questions which I have often been asked. Questions which I love to be asked and answers I love to share.

Providing a space where people can share their stories, helping businesses & charities to share their stories is what Baba – (for short & easier to pronounce 🙂 ) – IS.

A platform to showcase all that is great in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. A positive platform in which people can help to inspire others and be inspired!

A platform to help to shout about great local events & the people behind them not forgetting our fabulous outdoor spaces! Working with others too … all of which I, personally, am very passionate about.

The last 14 months have not been an easy ride for many people & I for one can understand, as a business & personally, how tough, surviving during such difficult times through a pandemic can be.

It’s been a rollercoaster, it’s been a journey, it’s also been inspiring to me to see how great community can be & how great people pull together…And the journey continues…

I just wanted to say Hello in my first introductory Blog for Baba Baboon & welcome you ALL to our platform…

Oh – the name! Well…there will be more to come on that very soon – including lots more Baba News to share with you too!

Please give me a shout, say Hello, follow us on Social Media & join in the Baba fun!

And Local Businesses – please don’t be afraid to get in touch – you might just be surprised to find out how we can help to promote your news…

Take Care,

Thank you for reading my Blog on Baba Baboon – Sonya x

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