Tom, Dick and Harry at the New Vic – a play which grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go – even when you have left the theatre in the round… Review by Baba’s Editor and Founder Sonya Farrall. 5*

Set in a 1943 prisoner of war camp in Nazi occupied Europe, this tale of sheer hope, determination and friendship explores one of the most daring escapes in World War history in impeccable style.

An impressive stage setting, which is suitably complimented by an unforgettable stellar cast, takes the audience on a journey into the true reality of a group of prisoners who desire to flee for their lives.

The energy of each cast member does not go unnoticed with singing, chanting, acrobatics and bike riding creating scenes of laughter and excitement as the prisoners plot their mission.

Other powerful scenes bring an intensity and seriousness about the real escape as true recollections are vocally shared.

David Fairs is nothing but true to the core as Giesler when inflicting orders upon the prisoners who are in his captive guard – in fact each actor is incredibly more convincing than ever.

Andrew Pollard and Michael Hugo not only star in the play, but co-wrote it too with the brilliant Theresa Heskins who also directed this masterpiece.

Audience participation must be noted – which again in itself left me jotting down the comment – “When you never thought you could feel a part of the theatre in the round any more than you already have – this play has just taken the experience to another level…”

Tom, Dick and Harry – it is a must see, it is unforgettable and will be with you for a long time…and time is of high importance for this particular play and tale…

Laughter is rife but so are emotions throughout – which left some shedding a tear or two towards the end.

Thank you New Vic for another insightful and enjoyable evening… 5 stars!

Tom, Dick and Harry is at the New Vic until Saturday 9 July. For tickets please visit the NEW VIC THEATRE

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Andrius Gaučas , Sam Craig, Nicholas Richardson. Image (and main image) Andrew Billington

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