Greenwood Dreams – The Silver Arrow by Claybody Theatre

Where did the time go? Have you ever asked yourself this question – especially in the last 12 months or so?

Time can sometimes feel like its been standing still, and for many in the theatre world, time did come to a standstill during the pandemic.

But, I am pleased to say the arts has returned and it certainly returned to Stoke Minster recently with Claybody Theatre’s The Silver Arrow – a magical and uplifting play.

Upon entering the mystical Stoke Minster the lighting and movie-like effects in the entrance instantly brought a sense of excitement.

Seated under fairy lights which lit up such a beautiful building we waited for the play to begin.

An extended version of the 2020 award-winning online choral work, GREENWOOD DREAMS – The Silver Arrow is all about a young girl who finds herself stuck in a high-rise flat struggling with isolation, homeschooling and restrictions due to covid-19. Pressures build and tensions rise and before she knows it, the young girl is off, longing for an escape.

After finding herself entwined in the ancient Sherwood forest, which has a story all in itself, the young girl is not far from danger and more mayhem erupts.

However, Robin is never far away and all ends well before the girl returns to her home, her real life and reality.

Set with a Robin Hood theme, written by Deborah McAndrew, music by Ashley Thompson and directed by Conrad Nelson – The Silver Arrow is a musical masterpiece, which is not only relatable to the experiences felt during the pandemic, but inspiring, uplifting and a play which provides a sense of hope.

When first setting out to create the play, creative genius’s Deb McAndrew and Conrad Nelson were determined to stay away from having a pandemic theme, but the more things developed and the more their Robin Hood theme transpired, the more relatable it became.

Nature, technology, experiences, struggles – longing for a light at the end of the tunnel – all of which were cleverly crafted in The Silver Arrow.

Some of us may have asked ourselves the question – Where is the hero to set us all free? With thanks to Claybody Theatre we were all free during a performance which resonated, uplifted and captured the audience in an idyllic setting at Stoke Minster.

Mention must be made to all the cast members whose performances were second to none, not forgetting The Phoenix Singers.

Thank you Claybody Theatre – looking forward to the next!

4 stars

All images by Andrew Billington


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