Have you ever inherited a heirloom which has been passed down through the generations of your family? And if you have, have you ever wondered what stories that piece of jewellery, painting or even dinner set has been a part of, and asked how your great-great-great-great grandparents lived hundreds of years ago?

Table, at the New Vic, questions not only inheritance and the importance of identity, but also delivers answers to the above and so much more in impeccable style.

Directed by Zoe Waterman, Table explores six generations of the Lichfield based, Best family which in turn introduces the audience to 22 realistic characters played by eight cast members.

From young to old the cast switches from one scene to the next and from one location to another each sharing their lives with a large wooden table which has been passed through the Best generations.

Love, pain, sickness, betrayal and grief are all explored and emotions run high in gripping scenes with nudity only enhancing a dramatic play.

Polly Lister, as Michelle and Phil Cheadle as an adult Gideon are captivating in their scene involving crossed words around the table while Katherine Manners as Sarah, and Marc Geoffrey are more than convincing.

Although tensions rise high there is time for laughter and humour is generous throughout. Emma Lau and Paul Mundell are brilliant with Krissi Bohn and Henry Everett wrapping up a stellar cast where each and every one deliver realistic and passionate performances.

Table is powerful, it’s captivating and persuades the audience to think back to their own family heirloom which has been passed down over the years…

A must see!

**Table finished at the New Vic on Saturday June 23.**


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