Samantha Lloyd is 27, and lives in Stoke On Trent. Samantha has been singing professionally for 5 years and performs at all kinds of gigs from corporate Castle gigs (Peckforton Castle is one of her favourites so far), to Private Parties, Weddings, Pubs and Clubs. There’s nothing Samantha hasn’t done. Lymelight festival, which takes place in Newcastle-under-Lyme is a regular for the singer, as well as support gigs at The Underground and Sugarmill in Hanley.

Here in Samantha’s Guest Blog she gives us some friendly tips and shares news about what she’s being doing herself during lockdown.

Samantha Lloyd – “So I know that most of us are finding it tough in these turbulent times, so what advice can I give to help us get through it?

There’s two really important things for me, the first is coming to terms with the fact that you can’t change this situation, it is out of your control and you’ve got to try and avoid that lovely emotion we call frustration. The second is taking care of yourself the best you can, eating well, exercising, avoiding negativity on social media etc – these are all things that will help you feel better day to day.

Time management has been really important for me, I’ve been writing goals and lists of things I’d like to achieve over a day or a week. Not only does it keep me motivated but it also allows me to see what I’ve been up to. I also try and get up at the same time every day, I start my day with some yoga, a home workout or a run just to get my blood pumping.

However, finding a healthy balance has to come into equation. Don’t start beating yourself up if you binge a Netflix series (or a few) or you just relax for a day or two. Realistically though if you don’t look after yourself, you avoid exercise and eat all day you’re going to feel pretty rotten (says the girl who just ate a huge bar of dairy milk) everything in moderation folks!

Facetime/WhatsApp are good to use. You can still see/speak to family and friends via this wonderful technology! Sure, I know it’s not the same as a hug but it’s a great way to keep in touch with your fellow humans. Reach out to people, I feel that right now everyone is supportive of the situation and if someone can help you through a bad day chances are they will.

Embrace this time to learn new skills, fix that broken tap that you’ve been avoiding, learn to play an instrument, a new language, or simply find comfort in knowing how much you will appreciate normal life when we come out of this.

When it comes to my music I won’t lie it’s been super hard. Not being able to busk or gig does take its toll – it is my full time job after all. That said I’ve never been able to practise so much and I’m really embracing the fact I can use this time to become a better musician/performer.

I decided to post a busking/live-show schedule on my official Facebook page advertising 3 live shows within the week. I also do a Saturday evening dance-along show. I have an online Tip Jar through PayPal so if people want to send me a tip they can which is great. I don’t pressure anyone but I am honest about the fact I am now pretty much unemployed haha,  I do live with my parents and they aren’t going to throw me out though, they are very supportive at this tough time.

Samantha Lloyd


I worry about the future and if I can re-build my business once we return to normality. I think it’s really important for me personally to stay active with my music and internet presence so that I do continue to build a fan base and gain exposure.

I can only recommend to other musicians to follow suit, it has been working out well for me so far, my algorithms on my website and Facebook account have increased dramatically, I’ve gained followers and fans. I’m not saying nail yourself to a PC screen but I think it is useful to use the internet for your business right now.”

Keep well and stay safe.

Written with love,

Samantha x

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