Martial Artist Brad Finn has landed himself elite sponsorship following his continued success in the kickboxing world.

The 19-year-old, who claimed the WRSA Midlands Area Title in March this year when competing in the 65kg category at the event held at the City Suite, in Birmingham, has received sponsorship from Cimac – Martial Arts.

The sponsorship will see Brad compete and train in clothing branded by Adidas and supported by Cimac – the UK’s number one martial arts and boxing supplier.

“I’m so pleased to be receive sponsorship from Cimac and I will do my best to represent them and Adidas,” said Brad, who lives in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

“I put a lot of work into my kickboxing and I thoroughly enjoy what I do – this latest news is just amazing.”

Brad took up kickboxing as a hobby around seven years ago and in 2019 he scooped his first big prize when successful at the LCE Fight Night III in Wolverhampton – 12 months prior to the recent WRSA Midlands Area title.

Brad adds: “The WRSA Midlands Area Title fight was possibly my toughest fight yet physically. I thought I was in the best shape I’ve been in, but a few complications came in the week before the fight when I was battling with a small illness which made me more fatigued quicker between rounds and I couldn’t quite get my breath.

“But I have an amazing team around me, a lot of support and everyone helped me to push through. I was delighted to win.”

Brad Finn with family, friends and coaches from Stafford’s Featherstone Gym after winning the WRSA Midlands title.


Brad is sincerely grateful for all of the support he has so far received from family, friends and the team at Featherstone Kickboxing gym, in Stafford where he trains.

“I’d really like to thank my family, and that is my friends included into that as well, everyone who sent me a message of support before my last fight and everyone who showed up to watch – I class them all as my family, they are all on the journey with me even though they may not be blood relation them and this sport means the world to me,” said Brad –  whose day job is a service solutions apprentice at Michelin, in Stoke.

“To also have the backing and support of those I love gives me that extra push alongside brilliant club sponsors DP Skip Hire, who jumped on board with the team and showed love and support from the off.

“And I also thank my mum, my coaches, my girlfriend and her family, for looking after me behind closed doors with basics like the right food and care.

“I must add as well that my work have supported me through each training camp I’ve been in and everyone is interested in what I do outside of work. They all take the time to ask about training and understand the training, and help me in any way they can.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic Brad is unable to take part in his usual training at the Featherstone Kickboxing gym under the watchful eyes of Mark Slaymaker. However, he is doing everything he possibly can to stay in shape.

He says: “I’m running daily and shadow boxing in quiet fields as well as doing press ups and sit ups – the basics really and doing as much as I can.

“I will stay as active as possible and will not let the current circumstances that we are in dictate my shape and my goals. I will stay in shape and stay focused and keep up the work I need to and be ready to fight again as soon as we can.”

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