My Mother Said I Never Should at the New Vic is a serious and true reflection of the trials and tribulations experienced between a mother and daughter.

A journey spanning seven decades is explored in impeccable style by four actresses who deliver scene after scene, switching from child to adult with ease.

Charlotte Keatley’s play is set in Manchester, Oldham and London where relationships are tested and hearts are broken amongst four generations of mothers and daughters.

Doris (Carole Dance) is the head of the female ranks, who tries her best to teach daughter Margaret (Connie Walker) the Ps & Qs of life, who in turn – later – attempts to keep her own daughter Jackie (Kathryn Ritchie) in line during the late 1960s as sexual freedom beckons.

As the play unfolds Jackie herself gives birth to Rosie, played by Felicity Houlbrooke, which brings its own stresses and prompts for an irrevocable decision to be made.

Lies are told, and secrets are made, with mothers believing each message they’ve shared and each decision they’ve made has been for the best of their daughters. But it’s only resentment and pain which unfolds as truths are explored.

The humour and innocence young Rosie brings is countered by the seriousness of life’s challenges and My Mother Said I Never Should, is a reminder of how easily it is for families to grow apart.

Yes – this play is intense in parts, but delightfully gripping at the same time. Each cast member is undeniably believable and a strong message is delivered throughout.

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