Two at the New Vic will have you singing, clapping, laughing and crying.

Upon entering the round to take your seats, you are immediately made to feel welcome in the traditional local pub with it’s fully working bar and friendly landlord – If you get in early you can even taste a sample of the beer which is on offer before the play kicks into full swing.

It is evident as the story begins that the landlord and landlady are not fully on the same page as they entertain their customers. With regular snide comments between the two, sharp looks and one joining in with the drinking antics more than the other, it is no surprise when things eventually come to blows.

But as you’d expect from your good landlord and landlady at the local, there is always a smile and a courtesy to customers throughout – some of which we get to meet in the flesh.

Samantha Robinson as Old Woman. Photo by Mark Douet.

We have the pleasure of listening to tales from an elderly woman sipping her hard earned beer at the bar after a long day caring for her husband, a paranoid man arguing with his innocent wife, a young couple wrapped up in their own little loveable world laughing as time goes by, an elderly gentleman talks of his beloved late wife and an overly confident woman who has her doting boyfriend following her every step, belts out Holding out for a Hero on Karaoke – a scene which has the audience in uproar! Also not forgetting the hilarious Moth and his girlfriend Maudie who add to the comedy in true fashion.

Each of the above characters are played by two incredible actors – Jimmy Fairhurst and Samantha Robinson – who own the impressive stage setting and have you captivated each and every step of the way.

As the story unfolds a moving insight is given into the reasoning behind the publicans attitudes and behaviours and your emotions will be touched and your heart strings will undoubtedly be pulled.

Two takes you on a rollercoaster journey, and a journey in which you can relate to with any local pub you may have frequented. Superbly directed by Ruth Carney, who is originally from Stoke-on-Trent, an impressive stage setting and flawless actors makes Two a must see at the New Vic and why Baba is giving 4 Stars! 

**Two is at the New Vic until 22 February. Tickets on sale here.


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