Stoke-on-Trent and Pottery go hand in hand. For centuries the City has produced pottery which can be seen all over the world, and the history dating back over 300 years is quite remarkable. A unique insight into this history can be experienced at the Gladstone Pottery Museum, in Longton where giant bottle kilns and trips back in time explore an era which is still prominent in today’s world.

After entering the museum via a wooden doorway the reception area awaits at one end of a fully stocked and bright gift shop where smiling staff greet you and direct you through to the next room where you’re told a short film will be played.

As informed a film is played to give an insight into the history of Gladstone Pottery Museum before you head out into the yard.

Cobbled pathways lead you around the giant bottle kilns which are instantly impressive and a sight which must be seen close up. Each one has its own story and after visiting the Engine House you soon come to the Saggar Making stop. To stand and witness how the Saggar Makers worked via the video playing in front of you is not only eye opening, but further reinforces the endurances experienced whilst working in a Victorian pottery factory.

Continuing your journey through Gladstone brings you to watch demonstrations of traditional skills in full force where visitors also have the chance to throw their own pot, make a bone china flower or try pottery painting.

Pot throwing

Each of the demonstrations are informative and items being made in front of your eyes can be seen in their full glory in the gift shop.

The Flushed With Pride Exhibition is in itself another interesting sight to see as visitors are first of all invited to step back in time and experience not only the streets of years ago, but also the living conditions – which helps to explain a lot about what went on in the Doctor’s House – another point of interest which must not be missed when walking around this brilliantly, credible Potteries museum.

Gladstone Pottery Museum is unique without a doubt. The history and exploration of a world so long go is crafted in genius fashion.

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(Pics courtesy of Stoke-on-Trent Council)

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