IF you are looking for fast-paced, exhilarating, heart-stopping entertainment then look no further than Gandeys Circus in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

After entering the fabulous big top, friendly staff are waiting to meet and greet you before showing you to your seats and, as well as the warm smell of popcorn drifting through the air, face painting is taking place as the atmosphere builds before the show opens.

There’s dancing and singing, acrobatics and a high wire extravaganza from the opening acts – who come from all over the world. Chico Rico the cheeky clown is genius and those who sit on the very front row should be prepared to join in with the fun and games.

Image courtesy of Gandeys

An aerial ballet performance using silks is simply breathtaking, and while a contortionist may make your eyes water you cannot help but smile at the same time. As the first half of the show draws to an end there’s time for a party with the delightful Chico, which has the audience in uproar.

The second half continues in the same fascinating vein as the first, and as well as a dazzling acrobatic springboard act, it’s Chico again who entertains in impeccable style – this time inviting his friends from the audience to join him in the ring.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, it’s difficult to not hold your breath as motorbike riders weave in and out of each other, circling a steel daredevil dome.

Gandeys Circus makes you gasp, it makes you laugh, and even after two hours you want more – it certainly IS one of the greatest shows you will want to see!

**Gandeys Circus will be in Newcastle-under-Lyme until Sunday 17 March. Visit the Gandeys website for more information www.gandeyscircus.com

Chico Rico (L) Image courtesy of Gandeys


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