Uzair Hussain a former masters student at Staffordshire University, studying Sports Journalism. Uzair has been taking part in work experience here at BabaBaboon. In his second guest blog, Uzair shares some ideas for summer walks in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

“WALKING is one of the easiest and less strenuous exercises we can do to make sure we increase our cardio exercise in the outdoors.

For some people the idea of a long walk at first seems as though it is a challenge – but it’s said that just ten minutes of walking a day could reward you with numerous health benefits and count towards your weekly exercise goal.

On top of the health benefits, Newcastle-Under-Lyme has a wide arrange of areas to visit to walk within the outdoors and experience the nature the Borough has to offer. 

Apedale Country Park is a must visit for someone wanting to go on a hike and experience wildlife sights. The country Park is a must for walkers who love nature and can even be used as a day out with a small mining museum nearby which adds to the natural woodland scenery.

There park is also host to mountain bike trails giving keen cyclists a chance to experience the beauty of the country park as well.

For those wanting to get a full day of walking and exercise, Silverdale Country Park is nearby to Apedale with its grassy landscape offering visitors a range of trails from cycle paths to walking trails within an area containing a large pond and meadows, giving walkers sights to see.

Not only does using walking as a form of exercise allow you to view the beauty that is natural to Newcastle, but you can also soon experience the blossoming relationship between Japan and the UK. 

The UK was gifted with Sakura Cherry Blossom trees and our own Newcastle-Under-Lyme received thirty of these earlier in 2021. The trees were planted on open space at Sandy Lane – a popular place for recreation – after the Council successfully applied to the Sakura Cherry Tree Project, a national donation scheme, to help celebrate 30 years of involvement in Britain in Bloom.

The Brampton Museum is a great choice for those wanting to get out of the house to walk and learn more about local history. The museum caters to visitors of all ages, so would be a perfect opportunity for a family day out. 

The museum is located within Brampton Park, a park filled with attractions like the Rose garden which allows you to bask in the lavender and thyme planted there and enjoy the open landscape amongst the trees. 

Newcastle-under-Lyme is the perfect place for someone wanting to start regularly walking – a free exercise which is only furthered by the fact it allows you to experience the nature and local history of Newcastle…”

Thanks for reading my second Blog on BabaBaboon – Uzair.

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