Dirty Dancing at The Regent has everything you would want from an adaptation of such an iconic film – and MORE.

There’s music from the original soundtrack, dance moves which leave you in awe, and a revolving set which is genius!

Dirty Dancing’s classic story sees Frances “Baby” Houseman (Kira Malou) embark on a summer holiday with her family at upstate New York at the Kellerman’s resort.

It’s 1963 and the goings on behind closed doors leads daddy’s girl “Baby” onto another journey where she falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle played by the convincing Michael O’Reilly.

Scenes may switch quickly from one to the next, but this is a huge story to tell in a shorter time and you can’t help but feel you are a part of the film you always loved.

Baby’s innocence is soon superseded by the desire to help Jonny and his dance partner Penny Johnson out of a difficult situation, and the audience is drawn into those classic scenes.

From carrying a water melon, to Jonny teaching Baby how to perfect her dance steps with the beat of his heartbeat, and the genius scene in which the duo mime along to Come here Loverboy – it’s all included in genius style.

Special effects further help to create an atmosphere where the audience is simply mesmerised. Only one qualm – and it would’ve been for the scenes of the two love hearts dancing on a log and attempting lifts in the water to be longer.

But nothing can be taken away from this production. Simone Covele is sheer brilliance in not just her dance moves, but in a true portrayal of Penny. The same can be said for Kira Malou and Michael O’ Reilly – how he keeps his face straight at the cheering audience is a task in itself!

Vocals from Colin Charles (Tito) are fantastic, and Sian Gentle-Green (Elizabeth) gives you goosebumps when she sings – just brilliant!

It must be said Dirty Dancing has a stellar cast overall which is why the audience were on their feet at the end joining in with the final songs.

Michael O’Reilly said “Thank you Stoke” before leaving the stage for the final time – Baba says Thank You Dirty Dancing – it was a total joy!

Dirty Dancing is at The Regent until Saturday October 20th. Tickets are available from the Box Office, by calling 0844 871 7649 or visiting www.atgtickets.com/stoke

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