Approach Dementia Support – Festive tips 

Christmas is a time for enjoyment, for celebrating and having fun.

However, for someone living with dementia and their carers it can be somewhat daunting. Here charity  Approach Dementia Support – who will be continuing with their one to one support during the festive period – share some guidance and tips with you for the festive period…

Christmas 2020 may be quieter for many, due to the pandemic, but the element of excitement and furore will still exist.

To avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed, aim to keep activities calm, low key and try to stick to a routine which is familiar with your loved ones. A nice quiet, comfortable room could be a haven for someone with dementia to take time out and relax if there is a lot of noise or a group of people chatting.

Loud noises and conversations could see your grandparent, father, mother or friend become agitated, anxious and uncomfortable – a quiet room doesn’t.

Music is a great memory stimulation for someone diagnosed with dementia and Christmas music, Christmas songs are all great to play in the house during the festive period. Sharing song stories all help to recall memories and experiences – but be mindful of the volume. If music is played too loud or even if the TV is blaring – your loved one could again feel anxious.

Another great memory stimulator is creating things. Make cards or collages by using photographs, give a memory box as a gift and see the eyes of your loved one light up.

If things do get a little too much change plans, adjust and keep that quiet room available.

Of course Christmas Day is also associated with food – and plenty of it. Don’t force big plates – small and simple dishes are more appealing to someone with dementia – avoid that overwhelming element.

Having regular, familiar things intertwined with your festive theme all helps.

And finally enjoy the season, share stories, enjoy good music and take time to relax with those you love around you as we look ahead to 2021.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from everyone at Approach Dementia Support.

Please visit our website if you would like to find out more about our charity and our services. Useful advice and guidance can also be found on our website.


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