The Osmonds Review 4* by Melanie Osborne

The Osmonds a New Musical as hit the Regent theatre in Stoke-on-Trent this week with a fresh take on the family band that took the world by storm.

Directed and co-written by Shaun Kerrison, this is the story from Jay Osmonds perspective. Osmond wanted to tell his story the only way he knew how, through music.

Born to a large Mormon family, Jay was used to working as a team, his ex-army Dad was strict but loving. In order to raise funds for hearing aids for their two brothers – Jay, Alan, Merril and Wayne sang to raise money. The talent of the youngsters soon caught Hollywood’s eye and before long they were superstars, even as the family extended with new siblings everyone was involved, either on stage or off.

Although the show touches on some tough moments this isn’t Jay moaning about his unusual childhood, but more celebrating the crazy world, they lived in. It is told from a place of love for all his siblings. Although it was also understandable how, after years of being locked into a ‘brand,’ that he was happy to experience normal life once the band split.

The cast of The Osmonds A New Musical, Images all by Pamela Raith


Big fans of the Osmonds will delight in hearing all the classic tunes played at full belt, including Puppy Love, Crazy Horses and We’re having a party. All music was sung live and with a band on stage.

One of the biggest highlights of the show was the wonderfully talented child cast who played the young versions of the band. A five-year-old ‘Donny’ blasted out a rock version of ‘You are my Sunshine’ with confidence beyond his years. All the children exceeded professionalism that you would expect of a seasoned performer, very much like the The Osmonds did. The musical is narrated by Jay (Alex Lodge) who gave a warm and likeable performance. The structure of the show is well blocked and runs smoothly and is easy to follow. Even if you have never heard of The Osmonds it gives an interesting and insightful glimpse into show business and variety acts of that time.

The Osmonds new musical is a fun packed night filled with good wholesome fun and great music. It seemed clear the show was attended by many devoted fans, but you don’t need to be a fan of the band to enjoy this show. It gives a fantastic account of being a pop star in the days before You Tube was ever a thing, but talent was. It also shows the sadder and harder aspects of being a child star. This is a musical that is whole heartedly recommended for a fantastic night out.

The Osmonds is at The Regent until Saturday 9 April. Visit the REGENT THEATRE for tickets

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