Marvellous – a play to inspire, to share happiness and a play which explores the remarkable lifetime experiences of local legend Neil “Nello” Baldwin in true fashion…Review by Baba’s Editor & Founder Sonya Farrall. 5*

The ever-outstanding Michael Hugo portrays “The Real Neil” with ease, bringing Nello’s humour and quirky personality to the fore – whilst the remaining cast members perfectly accompany Hugo in exploring a story full of twists and turns.

Jerone-Marsh-Reid-and-Suzanne-Ahmet-in-Marvellous-Credit-Andrew Billington
Jerone Marsh-Reid and Suzanne Ahmet in Marvellous. Credit (and main image) Andrew Billington.


At aged 14, Nello left school with no qualifications – later he received a honorary degree from Keele University. A TV appearance came about after joining a Church Choir, time spent as a Clown in the circus, and becoming Stoke City FC’s kit man are all part of Nello’s story explored in the round at the New Vic.

Hugo – as The Real Neil – (be careful who you are sitting next to in the audience…) – directs the company of actors through the story, which brings about “Nello” himself, Her Majesty The Queen, former Stoke City FC boss Lou Macari and Neil’s parents.

Certain losses and sadness in Neil’s life are also explored throughout – but as Nello ‘chooses to be happy – he will always be happy’ in a world which has no limits for someone who never passes on an opportunity.

Marvellous is full of energy, it is full of delight and most of all it is a beautiful and heartwarming production that is a must see.

Michael Hugo and Gareth Cassidy. Credit Andrew Billington. 

Enjoy and experience the life of the great “Nello” at the New Vic Theatre until Saturday 9 April…it is also worth mentioning the fantastic Art exhibition by local artists which can be seen upstairs in the theatre.

Thank you “Nello” and the New Vic for a truly Marvellous experience which showcases how dreams just maybe can come true…

No question about it – 5*

For ticket information please visit the New Vic Website HERE


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