Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis at the New Vic

Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis will have you captivated from the moment this fabulous play starts.

This play isn’t directly focused on the legendary Elvis, but more so on the transformation of the characters within.

Josie is a dominatrix who runs her business from home where daughter Brenda Marie lives. Brenda Marie has her own aspirations – which are far away from the shenanigans which take place between her mother and loyal customer Lionel –  and OCD cleaner Martha is a hilarious and perfect fit in the household.

The play starts with Josie (Jemma Churchill) feeling somewhat underwhelmed by her 50th birthday, which is where Lionel, played by the delightful Eamonn Riley, takes control and organises a party.

The surprise guest is Timothy Wong as the Chinese Elvis who, at first, performs some favourable classics dressed in the perfect costume before getting more than he bargained for when long lost daughter Louise shows up at the family home.

As the story continues the audience is invited to delve deep into the relationships between Josie, Brenda Marie and Louise where drama unfolds.

This is without a doubt a play which is exceptionally written and full of comedy, but with a serious, unforgettable message also told.

Six cast members – Zara Jayne who plays Brenda Marie, Shelley Atkinson as Martha, Jemma Churchill as Josie, Jun Hwang as Timothy Wong, Eamonn Riley as Lionel and Rachel Henley as Louise all deliver a meaningful and true play at the New Vic. A play which makes you want to sing along, clap your hands and wanting to know more.

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