Along Ford Green Road, in Smallthorne a delightful little gem can be found. One steeped in history and set in beautiful surroundings away from the hustle and the bustle. That gem is Ford Green Hall – an award winning museum which offers a fantastic insight into the life of the Tudors and Stuarts.

After parking on the complimentary car park, you can take in the green scenery which surrounds the Hall at the rear before entering the timber framed black and white building. Upon entry friendly volunteers who help to run the now, charitable organisation, are their to greet visitors and instantly make you feel welcome.

Volunteer at Ford Green Hall
Volunteer at Ford Green Hall

Upon leaving the quaint reception area, which is readily equipped to offer refreshments after or before your tour of the building, you enter a hallway which leads onto the Parlour. Once used as both a bedroom and sitting-room the Parlour is a fair size with a large window opposite the doorway. A staircase sits outside the parlour but before venturing up the stairs the Main Hall catches the eye which is set up brilliantly with a large wooden table set for a feast and a large open fire.

Dinner Table at Ford Green Hall
Dinner table at Ford Green Hall

Upon reading the facts about the Hall you learn that this was one of the most important rooms of the house where the family would not only cook but eat meals. High-backed chairs for the most important family members and the rest on stools or forms. The lay out of the room and the carved furniture inside continues to draw you into the lives of Tudor and Stuart times with the kitchen being of no exception. Again the historical facts on display compliment the lay out which is set up brilliantly. As you make your way up the old wooden staircase exquisite bedrooms with interlinking rooms attached pull you into a world which was so long ago. As well as the simple bedsteads, costumes are on display while the history of Ford Green Hall, which was built in 1624 for Hugh Ford, is pleasantly resilient throughout. There is something special about this little gem, inside and out, and it’s not surprising weddings are offered along with educational tours.

Ford Green Hall – a true delight in its own tranquil hub!

History at Ford Green Hall
History at Ford Green Hall

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