Closure is a brand new play which has drama, comedy and several twists included in a story which was created during lockdown.

Emma (Debbie Cornock) is the seemingly “happy go lucky” wife of Josh who is played by Adam Goode, and as the play opens the audience is invited into their home to experience a family dinner with Emma’s parents Henry (Ian Birken) and Libby (Jill Young).

But what was to be a pleasant family evening soon takes a turn when Emma’s sister Becca (Shelley Rivers) joins the party with her latest love interest Alex (James King).

Josh (Adam Goode), Henry (Ian Birken), Libby (Jill Young), Becca (Shelley Rivers), Emma (Debbie Cornock).


Josh – the supposedly controlling husband – finds himself in all sorts of turmoil as the night progresses and Libby’s wine intake and frustrated marriage to Henry opens up a further can of worms not meant for a family occasion.

Henry – a former policeman – is surprised when a former colleague, Graham (Frank McGregor) turns up for an unexpected visit at his daughter’s house – and by then things have gone too far.

What transpires is a deadly race against time, desperation and a thought provoking insight into what can happen following tragic events.

Yes, there is drama and there is suspense in this thriller, but there are plenty of comedy moments throughout which makes this masterpiece all the more to go and see.

Catherine O’Reilly and Tim Churchill – the masters behind this thriller – wrote Closure during lockdown and also directed the play.

The cast is a true line up and there’s no doubt about it that an overall stellar performance was delivered on the opening night.

It was simply great to be back out to the theatre and to watch such a fantastic performance in an intimate setting at Stoke Repertory Theatre!

5 Stars from The Baba Team! 

Closure will be performed at the theatre until Saturday 5th September. Evening performances 7:30pm.

Please note social distancing measure are in place and masks must be worn inside the theatre.

For tickets and more information click here.

Main image Alex (James King), Becca (Shelley Rivers), Josh (Adam Goode).

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    • Baba -

    • 2nd September 2020 at 12:57 pm

    Fantastic play! Great story and brilliant cast! Brilliant 5 stars from the Baba Team!


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