Burslem Port Trust are appealing to wildlife, nature and ecology enthusiasts and/or experts in the local area to help them identify, measure and catalogue the range of biodiversity within the disused Burslem Branch Canal site.

Members of the trust are inviting those with expertise or enthusiasm in the above areas to join them on their first nature walk of the Burslem Branch Canal, on Sunday 21st November 2021, from 1pm – 2pm, to help identify the range of species and ecosystems present. Their aim is to identify as many species as possible in order to better understand the environmental value and ecological significance of the Burslem Branch Canal as a green corridor.

Volunteer, Julia Roberts, said:The disused Burslem Branch Canal site has evolved, by accident over the last few decades, into thriving green corridor supporting a range of important ecosystems. Certain species such as kingfishers and voles have been casually identified, however, the trust would like to formally record the species present, to get a better understanding of significance of the canal site as a green corridor and community asset. We are appealing to those with knowledge or expertise in helping us identify some of the many plants, trees, flowers, insects, mammals, birds and life on site.”

The disused Burslem Branch Canal is a post-industrial site located between Middleport and Burslem within Stoke on Trent.  With a lack of human intervention in recent years the site is now teaming with life such as Kingfishers, Voles, Iris, Lupins and many other species.

The walk is also open to those who do not have any experience and would like to learn more about the site. The meeting point is: Burslem Port Site, East View, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 3LY at 1pm on Sunday 21st November 2021. Email: info@burslemport.org.uk

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