Mum of three Teri Elder launched her own not for profit Community Interest Company following a growing network she started on social media.

After struggling with her own mental health and feeling isolated as a stay-at-home mum, Teri, of Stoke-on-Trent decided to reach out to friends on Facebook in 2017 asking if anyone would like to join her on walks in the outdoors.

Surprisingly to her, she received a positive response to her social media posts and before long Teri was being joined by both mums, dads and general people that just needed to get out to clear their heads, on daily walks throughout Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.

The numbers grew and Teri went on to launch her own business, under the banner – Walk Talk Action CIC – officially on September 27th 2019.Walk-Talk-Action

“I couldn’t believe it when people started to respond to my posts,” grins Teri.

“I had been on maternity leave at home for a while as a young mum with no immediate family, which can become pretty lonely and in the end I decided I would try and do something about it. I thought I cannot be the only mum out there feeling low so I posted various messages and people came along – it was amazing. At first there were about eight of us meeting and doing walks and then it grew from there. We had started to do walks in the park, met up for cups of tea and had chats about life – everyone was really appreciative that I had done what I did. But this was all before the coronavirus struck so now I’ve looked at other ways to stay connected.”

Teri adds: “Funding from the National Lottery means I can offer a free 10-week outdoor programme in the coming months which is great, but we just need to wait on circumstances surrounding the pandemic so no definitive dates have been set. However, I am running a virtual programme at the moment with the aim of running another ten week one in early July 2020.”

For more information on Walk Talk Action and news of the programme dates please click here

Walk Talk Action is set to offer an outdoor 10-week programme in the future – which has been funded by the National Lottery. The programme is designed to encourage new opportunities, connect to the right support, opportunities to meet new people and to develop a more positive state of mind and for anyone who may have experienced the following – Mid-Life crisis, PTSD – Life Trauma, Isolation/loneliness, Depression or anxiety, post natal depression or have served in the Armed forces (veteran).



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