Rhasian “Siany Baby Ali” Earlington – A Pro With An Influence As Powerful As His Punch

Rhasian Earlington

Madeley’s Rhasian Earlington never had any plans to become a boxer. A football player maybe, a rugby player possibly – but to become a boxer was never on the cards. That was until three years ago. Now, at age 21, the cruiserweight is hungrier than ever to become the best he can be in a sport he loves…

“I turned pro quite quickly – I did not expect this to happen,” Rhasian smiles.

“I had played football and rugby a lot before and I was selected for trials but I had never been into boxing until my uncle took me and then I started training.

“I did a couple of charity boxing matches and I got hooked from there. To be honest I did not think it was going to go as far as it did.”

But things have moved on quite far already for Rhasian – or “Siany Baby Ali” he is now often called by his coaches and fellow boxers after the legendary Muhammad Ali.

“Ali is the best, I love how he moves,” Rhasian said. “I used to do the Ali shuffle and a few people have called me Siany Baby Ali, it is now my secondary name.”

Rhasian’s strength and conditioning coach, Dave Morgan, added: “When I first saw Rhasian he had a natural ability for movement. He is very similar to Ali in how he moves, his movement, punch and step. I recognised that straight away and we have enhanced that.”

It might seem ambitious to some to compare Rhasian to a great boxer such as Muhammad Ali at such an early stage in his career. But the dedication and commitment already shown from the undefeated pro combined with his natural talent is certainly a recipe which could quite simply create a true champion.

With not a huge money purse behind him Rhasian uses either public transport, his push bike or his legs to run from his home village of Madeley to Burslem to train at the T6 Fight Club Gym almost daily.

Rhasian Earlington

“I will do three to four hours training at the gym after running there and then run home,” Rhasian said. “Sometimes I might pedal or catch a bus. I’ll be there seven days a week, but do have the odd day off.

“It’s a buzz and I do feel professional when I train. I have improved so much from my early fights. My recent fights and my early ones are completely different from how I stand and how I perform. Before I was quite rigid and I did not know really what I was doing. But now I have changed such a lot.”

Dave added: “People tell me they see him running all of the time. He runs to the gym and back – that’s like a marathon almost and a regular thing.

“I have never known a kid so committed. He pushes himself to the limits, I’ve never known anything quite like it.”

Rhasian Earlington
Rhasian Earlington

Rhasian – who also trains with Scott Lawton at Impact Boxing Gym, in Stoke-on-Trent – admits he wasn’t the model pupil at school and boxing has helped him in more ways than one.

“I am a completely different person from when I first started at T6,” he said.

“I used to be a bit of a bad influence when I was younger. Sport calmed me down a lot and boxing has helped to change my life.”

Rhasian’s dedication for a sport he adores is now casting another influence upon the youngsters of Madeley and beyond. The focused attitude and charisma he portrays is encouraging boys and girls  to flock to the Nile Street gym, in the hope of one day following in their village friends footsteps.

“A lot of youngsters have come to the gym since I have been coming,” Rhasian said.

“I keep saying to them – nothing is impossible, don’t let anyone tell you different or make fun of you, do what you think is best for yourself and enjoy yourself.”

He added: “If you want to box you can’t be going out drinking at weekends and partying – that’s what lets people down sometimes.

“You need to look after yourself and your body.”

Dave said: “The whole of Madeley have got behind him, they have been great. The people of the village even helped to do a fund to help him get his first membership at the gym, that was really good of  them.

“There is a group of youngsters who come here now from the village and that is all down to Rhasian.

“He can be a leader and kids follow him and they have seen what he has done and want to be like him and they start training.

“In the last few years there have been another three kids who have gone on to be great fighters and that has been his influence.”

Rhasian – “Siany Baby Ali” – has a likeable persona, a hunger to be a boxer and a desire to become World Champion. He has the recipe for success, great support behind him and his influence is infectious! A true champ is in the making!

**Rhasian won his 4th pro fight with a stoppage in the first round at the Kings Hall, Stoke and won won his 5th pro fight on September 29 at the Kings Hall, Stoke-on-Trent.

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