A brand new tranquil sanctuary has opened its doors in time for summer.

The Wellbeing Space, from YouPhoria is providing various therapies to help with relaxation, stress and anxiety at its stunning location in Stockton Brook.

Unique pain relief methods will also be available for relief from a range of pain problems.

Carolyn-JordanOwner and natural wellbeing expert Carolyn Jordan (pictured) said: “I am thrilled to be opening our doors to the public. There is no doubt about it that the last year has been particularly difficult for many. Stress and anxiety levels have increased massively during the pandemic, as well as people suffering from persistent pain. Our new relaxation haven is the perfect post-pandemic antidote where people can come to relax, be pampered, receive a range of therapies and have a break away from hectic work and life schedules.”

Carolyn adds: “Reduced stress and anxiety, whether in the workplace or home all helps with increased productivity and relationships as well as overall physical health, and after the year we have all been having, we need the time out to recharge not just our bodies but our minds too.”

Carolyn, who has extensive management consulting experience, and is also a professional dance instructor, is testament herself to the treatments on offer with YouPhoria at her wellbeing space.

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue just under 20 years ago, the 54-year-old took to using a particular method which she has since gone on to share with privately treated clients.Carolyn-Jordan-YouPhoria

“After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my late 30s I did not know where to turn,” says Carolyn.

“The symptoms and pain I experienced was unbearable at times – but then I came across a method which I still use today, called The Melt Method. I combined this with a range of other natural lifestyle changes and this multi-faceted approach now sees me living my life not only symptom, but medicine free.

“I have treated myself over the years and this approach really does work wonders – I don’t know where I would’ve been without it and I feel privileged to be able to help others to make a difference by using this and other natural approaches to wellbeing, all available from YouPhoria.”

Please contact Carolyn on 07817 864962, or visit www.youphoria.co.uk for more information.




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