Outfit to suit Mini Mayors in Newcastle-under-Lyme


YOUNG VISITORS to the Mayor’s parlour in Newcastle-under-Lyme will be able to enjoy a more authentic experience following the production of replica regalia.

Mayor Gill Heesom has organised for a children’s version of the Mayor’s historic civic dress to be made to enhance school visits to the Mayor’s Parlour – which will see young visitors be able to take turns wearing the ceremonial outfit, comprising a robe, hat, gloves and chain of office. ** Please note Gill Heesom is no longer Mayor. Cllr Simone White took up the rein May 16th 2019.**

The school visits will be part of popular educational sessions about the history of the Mayor and Newcastle, what the role involves and how council meetings work.

Mayor Gill Heesom – whose grandson James was the first to wear the creation during it’s launch on Thursday 18 April, in the Mayor’s Parlour – is hoping the regalia will help to encourage young people to learn more about their communities and even what is involved in being a councillor and Mayor.newcastle-under-lyme-mayors-outfit

“This is my gift to future mayors and I hope it will be treasured and enjoyed,” said Mayor Gill Heesom. “My hope is that young people will want to come along to visit the Mayor and be interested in learning more about the historic role. I would love them to know that anyone can aspire to become a councillor and/or mayor and take an interest in their communities. They may even be inspired to stand for the Council themselves in the future.”

The regalia was made by Margaret Litherland, who volunteers at the Brampton Museum, and funded by the Clayton Locality Action Partnership. The Mayor has also had “I’ve met the Mayor” stickers made for the smaller children who visit.mayor-stickers-newcastle-under-lyme

**As well as schools, anyone who would like to visit the Mayor’s Parlour to see the ceremonial outfit and learn more can contact the Mayors Secretary Geoff Durham on 01782 742222.

** Please note Gill Heesom is no longer Mayor. Cllr Simone White took up the rein May 16th 2019.**