Kaash Buttery is a name which created a stir within the amateur ranks of boxing for several years. A young man from Stoke-on-Trent dominated the amateur scene, racking up wins and picking up titles everywhere he went. Now, at aged,19, Kaash’s boxing career is forging ahead as he aims to stir up the professional lightweight ranks.

In preparation for his first pro fight, Kaash had the privilege of sparring with world champion fighters Paul Butler and Steven Smith. He then went on to outclass his experienced opponent, Fonz Alexander at the Impact Boxing night which took place at the Kings Hall, in Stoke, on November 18, 2017. A fight which Kaash relished and also learnt a great deal from at the same time.

“I thought I boxed really well in my first pro fight and showed what I could do, and I was really pleased with the performance,” said kaash.

“But I knew I can give another 50% more, I don’t think I gave 100% against him, and he was a good fighter, but I didn’t reach my full potential.

“I felt like it was just a chance to display what I’d been working on and to show people what I can do. I don’t think it really tested me and I always felt comfortable.”

Kaash Buttery v Fonz Alexander
Kaash Buttery v Fonz Alexander

Kaash has had the opportunity to spar with WBA Lightweight Champion Anthony Crolla and former British Lightweight Champion Scott Cardle so far during his professional career – and has an undefeated record of three fights. Kaash was successful in his second pro fight against Jamie Quinn on April 7, and in his third pro bout against Naheem Chaudhry on June 9 – which both took place at the Kings Hall, in Stoke.

Kaash, whose head coach and manager is Scott Lawton of Impact Boxing, has found the advice he received from the likes of Crolla and Cardle, and also Butler and Smith – when he sparred at Gallagher’s Gym, in Bolton benefitted him massively.

“When I sparred with Paul (Butler) and Steven (Smith), it shocked me a little bit because of the standard of boxing. They weren’t there to hurt you, but the power in their shots was another level and their technique was so precise and perfect.

“The standard was another level, but I did myself proud and I kept up with them. They said to Scott (Lawton), after that my footwork was unbelievable and that I had adapted to being professional really well.

“I had some good comments and feedback and it was the best experience of my life. Joe Gallagher, who coaches there, gave me feedback and to get feedback off someone like that – he was a world class coach – it was just brilliant.

“I learnt so much just by talking to them and them giving me their advice, they didn’t have to but they did.”

Kaash Buttery and head coach Scott Lawton
Kaash Buttery and head coach Scott Lawton at Kings Hall Stoke

During his amateur ranks Kaash fought for several gyms throughout Stoke-on-Trent, including Burslem ABC, Meir ABC, Five Towns ABC and Tom Lowe ABC. Out of his last 19 amateur fights he won 18, and bagged two Midlands titles, a West Midlands title, six Staffordshire titles, an England Elite lightweight belt, an England Boxing Club gold medal in Super Light Weight and a National Lightweight title.

Kaash without doubt proved himself as an amateur and with the dedication, attitude and desire to continue with a sport he not only loves, but has great respect for, it would be of no surprise to see him start collecting professional Midlands Lightweight titles, along with England and European ones too. An exciting champ is in the making!

Kaash is due to fight again on September 29th, at the Kings Hall, Stoke-on-Trent.

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