A competitive race cyclist whose performance was transformed after following a nutrition programme by a fitness brand, has now set up his own business under the same banner.

Darren Winterburn, of Stone has been a competitive cyclist for four years and in 2018 he sought nutritional advice from his neighbour, and owner Andrew Dowen of Train Learn Go, after often feeling fatigued when training.

As an experienced fitness instructor Darren thought he was following a sufficient diet but after the consultation and following a tailored programme, he was pleasantly surprised by the results.

“My next door neighbour offered to do a nutrition plan for me to help with my cycling. Although I had a good grasp on what to eat then, it was nothing compared to what Train Learn Go offer,” said Darren. “The improvement in energy levels was instant and noticeable by my cycling club at the time – DMW Bridgtown in Cannock – and also my competitors and I started to improve massively.”

Following on from the results Darren was inspired to launch Cannock-based cycling club BC Velo with a group of friends in Autumn 2018.

Darren adds: “The Club is going really well and we all follow nutritional guidance from Train Learn GO. We currently have 10 members who compete in races across the Midlands, and we plan to enter the South Staffordshire Road league later this year.”

Darren’s interest in his new found fitness method didn’t stop at the club there towards the end of 2019 he launched his own franchise – Train Learn Go Stoke.

“As I got more interested in how Train Learn Go worked, often bugging my neighbour with nutritional questions to expand my knowledge, he asked me if I wanted to be more involved and the rest is history,” said Darren, who has worked as a fitness instructor at various gyms throughout the UK and now has clients throughout Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.

“With Train Learn Go we visit people at home and at work where we carry out consultations, provide information on body fat reduction, functional training and sports conditioning. Our training sessions can be done in small spaces and last 45 minutes which can be tailored to suit anyone – anywhere. Some people might not be able to get to the gym or might have tried the gym and do not like it – we can go to them instead. As well as the fitness we help to educate people on what foods they should be eating and why – that’s where the science bit comes in – and it’s really important. We don’t say to diet – we educate on the effects of yo-yo diets and provide the right information for positive change all round.”

Andrew Dowen (L) and Darren Winterburn (R).


Owner of Train Learn Go Andrew couldn’t be more happier with Darren’s dedicated and ambitious approach and said: “Scarcely in life do we find under promise and over delivery but I couldn’t be happier to say that Darren is the exception to the rule. Hidden just below the surface of Darren’s laid back exterior is quite possibly the most proactive, determined and passionate person I’ve ever met. He’s a welcome breath of fresh air to Train Learn Go Stoke and is an asset not just to the business.”

Noticeable improvements have already been seen with several of the 34-year-olds clients who have got medical conditions.

“We’ve worked with a number of clients who have been taking medication for depression and after working with us they’ve seen positive results and medication has been reduced,” said Darren. “We’ve also worked with a number of people with both type one and type two diabetes who have seen marked improvements to their health and had medication reduced.”

To find out more about Darren Winterburn and Train Learn Go telephone 01782 580597. READ MORE HERE.