Boxing For Brilliance


Exercise and discipline often come hand in hand and can help towards changing a persons life in more ways than one. At T6 Fight Club, in Burslem that is exactly what staff aim to do as they help to guide youngsters and adults in their fitness goals.

T6 Fight Club is a non-profit Community Interest Company which has a prime focus on boxing, and was formed by Dave Morgan and Aaron Durber. The pair, who always wanted to create a space where people could train and learn to box or simply to get fit, spent months refurbishing the building before being able to open the Nile Street gym in 2010.

“We wanted a fight club where anybody who wanted to fight could fight no matter what their ability or age,” said Dave.

“We do it for anyone who wants to train, or to box, or to get fit, we will put everything into it ourselves.

“People pay to come and they want to be treated like human beings and pushed to their full abilities and we love it.”

The gym boasts four boxing rings, carpets and equipment including various weights and punch bags and membership fees have been kept to a minimum. A relaxation area, which offers hot and cold drinks, is also available to members who can also take part in a game of pool in between training sessions.

T6 Fight Club
T6 Fight Club

Dave added: “We wanted to provide somewhere where people can train and relax for a bit. We have weights and fitness areas and they are for everyone to use.

“The building was derelict when we got it and it took six months to get it to a reasonable standard. We have kept the price range the same since we opened so it’s affordable for people and we aim to give the best quality training.

“I am not saying we are the best gym – but we put our all into it and want to help the community and the neighbourhood.”

The gym is open to both male and female members and full class timetables and more information can be found at

T6 Elite works with local organisations such as Saltbox Retstart and Total People in a bid to help ex-offenders and disadvantaged youngsters and adults to rebuild their lives.