As Great Britain racked up the medals at Tokyo 2020 – another team was also been competing for podium success, with residents living at Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme care village enjoying a bit of friendly competition at their very own Olympics.

The Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme 2021 games comprise a mix of activities designed by the village’s dedicated activities team and fitness instructor, specifically with older people and those living with dementia in-mind. Highlights included, ribbon gymnastics, fencing and an egg and spoon race and residents also had the opportunity to get creative making their own flags and banners of support. In the state-of-the-art gym residents travelled the world cycling via a linked screen to specialist equipment.


Emma Palin, experience coordinator at Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme, said: “It’s been great fun hosting our own Olympics at the village. We’re currently awash with flags and decorations made by residents to support one another – it’s safe to say we’ve reached Olympic fever pitch.”

Getting into the spirit of the occasion has also proven to have reignited memories with residents sharing anecdotes of personal sporting success in their youth and their favourite tales of Olympics from years gone by – with some even recalling London 1948, and the first international football tournament to be broadcast on British television.

Belong colleagues supported residents in making their own Olympic torch to kick-off the event before hosting a closing ceremony which featured the awarding of medals, speeches and a village party.

Emma Palin added: “Residents have responded very positively to the event – the light exercise, crafts activities and camaraderie has kept everyone active and cheer on the athletes in Tokyo.”

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