Affordable Foods Stoke offering FREE Christmas dinners

Nikki Barrett at Affordable Foods Stoke

Affordable Foods Stoke, which is based in Blurton is working in partnership with the Hollybush Training and Enterprise Centre, Juicy Gossip Café, Bushtucker Enterprises & Home Services Support to offer 60 people a FREE Christmas dinner.

Affordable Foods Stoke aims to reduce waste and sells foods close to, or past their best before dates in order to feed families for less, and this year owners Nikki and Duane Barrett wanted to offer something more to the community.

“So many people will be lonely at Christmas and we are happy to be in a position to do something about it,” said owner and manager Nikki. “Having our shop based in the Hollybush Centre means we have been able to work with our partners to put this offer on. We are really excited and even our children are excited to come and help out and give something back to our community.”

Christmas dinner will take place at the home of Affordable Foods Stoke and the Juicy Gossip Cafe and will be split over two sittings starting at 11:30am on Christmas Day.

If you or someone you know would be alone at Christmas and would like to come along…Or if you would like further information please contact Nikki directly on 07748009253 or email to enquire about booking a place. Alternatively you can contact Affordable Foods directly via Facebook at affordablefoodstoke

Affordable Foods Stoke is located at 77-81 Meaford Drive, Blurton, ST3 2B